Flash Fiction Contest Results

Thanks to everyone who entered our 2020 Fabulist and Fantastic Flash Fiction Contest! We’re excited to announce this year’s winners and honorable mentions:

Winner: Anastasia Kirchoff for “Bite”

Runner-Up: James Harris for “Kylie”

Honorable Mentions: Nathan Long for “The Woman Who Flew”
Sam Asher for “Corpse Feathers”

We’re hard at work on the newest issue and are thrilled to features these pieces!

Announcing Gateway Literary Press!

As The Gateway Review wraps up 2020, we’re excited to announce the launch of Gateway Literary Press, our new publishing venture, which will publish a small handful of short story collections each year. Our first reading period will take place in November. You can find more information on the press website or by hitting up its new Facebook page!

Wrapping Up Summer Issue–Plus: Big News!

We’re still wrapping up production on the Summer 2020 issue of The Gateway Review, but in the meantime, we have some big news!

The Gateway Review is undergoing a bit of a shift in mid-2020.  Previously a biannual print magazine, we’ll be moving to an annual print journal, with submissions accepted July 15 through September 15 of each year.

Why?  Well, the magazine is expanding to become Gateway Literary Press.  When we’re not putting together the journal, we’ll be reading manuscripts for publication of full-length short story collections, starting in November 2020–so if you’ve got a collection you’re looking to get published, get it in your queue to send our way later this year!  More information will be forthcoming soon!

Flash Fiction Contest Results!

We’d like to thank all of our flash fiction contestants for their entries this year, and we’re thrilled to announce the 2019 winners:
1st Place: Samantha Bolf, “Mallrats”
Runner Up: Dustin Hyman, “Tom Cruise Demands a Favor”
Honorable Mention: Gregory Harris, “The Stitching of Wings”
Honorable Mention: Paul Beckman, “The Lady or the Tiger”
Their work and much more will appear in the Winter 2020 issue!

Volume 5, Issue 1 is here!

Our newest issue is available for purchase!  Volume 5, Issue 1 is LGBT-themed and features the winners of our 2018 flash fiction contest!  Get your copy here.

Contributors in this issue include:

Spencer Nitkey
Angelique Fawns
Alan Sincic
Christian Buckley
Elder Gideon
Dan Tremaglio
Sofia Aguilar
Alec MacLean
Bevil Townsend
Robin Gow
Mia Brech
Christina Wott
Daniel Uncapher

With cover art by John Chavers