Thanks for your submissions!

Thanks to everyone who has submitted for the Fall/Winter LGBT issue of The Gateway Review!  We’ll be reading through all the great work we’ve received over the next few weeks and will be sending out responses in waves as we get to it all!

Submitted to the flash fiction contest?  We hope to have semifinalists announced by December 1st and winners by the 15th!


We’re Open for LGBT Submissions!

The fall reading period for The Gateway Review is now open!  Through November 15, we will be accepting submissions of up to 4,000 words in fiction and 40 lines in poetry; all work needs to be in the magic realist vein, and for this particular issue, we’re looking for work featuring LGBT characters.  Check out our submission guidelines for more information!

And don’t forget!  If you’ve got flash fiction, we’d love to see you submit to our flash fiction contest!

Fall 2018: LGBT Issue!

This fall, The Gateway Review will be acquiring submissions for its first-ever themed issue: the LGBT issue.  Though writers do not need to identify as LGBT to submit, all submissions (except those entered in our flash fiction contest, which remains unthemed) must have an LGBT protagonist.

See our submissions page for more details!