Congratulations to former contributor Patty Somlo, whose story “Dots” was previously featured in The Gateway Review.  Her collection of short stories, The First to Disappear, has been released by Spuyten Duyvil!

Weaving together the real and the fantastic, the stories in this collection provide a window into our globally connected world. In the 18 stories in this collection, borders are broken – between fantasy and reality, the animal world and the human, the world as we have long known it, and the countries people consider home. The title story describes what happens to the all-American fruit, the apple, after longtime Latino pickers suddenly disappear. In “The Rug,” Saeed, a Muslim refugee from a war-torn African nation, places a rug purchased from Cost Plus World Market in the hotel parking lot where he works to unforeseen consequences. “Dots” shows what happens when a forest habitat disappears and monkeys move into the human world. “Bird Women” describes the search in a mythical Latin American country for half-avian/half-human creatures.

Grab a copy here!