Contributor News!

Congratulations to former contributor Patty Somlo, whose story “Dots” was previously featured in The Gateway Review.  Her collection of short stories, The First to Disappear, has been released by Spuyten Duyvil!

Weaving together the real and the fantastic, the stories in this collection provide a window into our globally connected world. In the 18 stories in this collection, borders are broken – between fantasy and reality, the animal world and the human, the world as we have long known it, and the countries people consider home. The title story describes what happens to the all-American fruit, the apple, after longtime Latino pickers suddenly disappear. In “The Rug,” Saeed, a Muslim refugee from a war-torn African nation, places a rug purchased from Cost Plus World Market in the hotel parking lot where he works to unforeseen consequences. “Dots” shows what happens when a forest habitat disappears and monkeys move into the human world. “Bird Women” describes the search in a mythical Latin American country for half-avian/half-human creatures.

Grab a copy here!



One Week Left!

There’s one week left to submit your work for our third issue. We’ve been inundated with more submissions than ever for regular consideration, and we’re excitedly poring through them.

We’ve also got one week left to submit competition entries–the competition isn’t quite as stiff, so if you think you’ve got a winner, send it our way!

Write Well Awards: 2016 Nominees

For our first go at submitting to literary awards (we missed the Pushcart deadline, unfortunately), we’ve chosen the following stories for the 2016 Write Well Awards, sponsored by the Silver Pen Writers Association:

“The Theme Pastoral,” by Kristen Gipson

“Hollowed Onions,” by Emily Walling

“All the Hippies Are Dying,” by Gwendolyn Kiste

All three stories appear in Volume 1, Issue 1 (the only issue eligible, as it was the only one published in 2015).

Next year, we plan to submit to the Pushcart, Write Well Award, and The Best Small Fictions, an anthology put together by Queens Ferry Press.

Volume 2, Issue 2: Open Submissions and Writing Competition

Submissions to Volume 2, Issue 2 of The Gateway Review will open on January 15–be on the lookout for submission info!

In addition, we’re excited to announce that, in addition to regular submissions to the journal, we’ll be accepting entries in our first ever Writing Competition!  Here’s the scoop:

Gateway Review Summer Writing Contest

Entry Fee: $8, or $10 to include a copy of the winners issue

The Gateway Review: A Journal of Magic Realism is excited to announce its first writing contest.  Guidelines are identical to the journal’s regular submission requirements: work should be fiction that in some way employs the magical, surreal, or bizarre in an otherwise normal setting (consider writers such as Alissa Nutting, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Manuel Gonzales, Ramona Ausubel, etc., as exemplars).  Entries should be no more than 4,000 words, or they will be disregarded for the competition immediately.  Simultaneous submissions are fine, but those accepted elsewhere must be withdrawn (but entry fees will not be refundable), as winning entries will be published (see below) and we do not accept or award previously published work.  Multiple entries are fine, but each requires its own submission and fee.

Unlike regular submissions, submitted work should not contain any identifiers (that information will be included in the submission information), and we request that no cover letter be included.  Word count, however, should.

Five finalists will be selected, with the following awards given:

1st place: $100, publication, free copy of volume 2, issue 2 (winners issue) and volume 3, issues 1 and 2

2nd place: $30, publication, free copy of volume 2, issue 2 (winners issue) and volume 3, issues 1 and 2

3rd place: $20, publication, free copy of volume 2, issue 2 (winners issue) and volume 3, issues 1 and 2

4th and 5th place: publication, free copy of volume 2, issue 2 (winners issue) and volume 3, issue 1

Entries must be submitted by 11:59pm CST on March 15, 2016.  Finalists will be notified of their status by May 15, 2016, with winners announced by June 15, 2016.


Issue Two on its Way!

Volume 2, Issue 1 of The Gateway Review: A Journal of Magical Realism, is on the way!  Contributor issues have been ordered from our bookseller, and after a brief private purchasing period (ending this weekend) for contributors to purchase additional copies beyond their contributor copy, we’ll be posting a link here for purchase publicly.  We’re really proud of what we came up with for this issue and can’t wait for you to see it.

We also have some really exciting things planned for our next issue–see that post for details!