Writing Competitions!

The Gateway Review hosts two contests annually: our (new) fall Fabulist and Fantastic Flash Fiction Contest and our Summer Writing Contest.  See below for details on both:

Fabulist and Fantastic Flash Fiction Contest

The Fabulist and Fantastic Flash Fiction Contest is open to any writer, and is the only time during the year that we accept flash fiction submissions.

Each entry is $5, and can contain one or two pieces of flash fiction, each no longer than 1000 words.  Writers may submit however many entries they wish, so long as they pay the $5 entry fee for each entry.  Simultaneous submissions are welcome and encouraged, but submitters must withdraw their work–the fee is nonrefundable in these cases–should it be accepted elsewhere.  Partial withdrawals are fine and can be made via email to thegatewayreview@gmail.com; simply include your name and identify which piece in your entry is being withdrawn.

Entries must be submitted double-spaced and with no identifying information included; any entry that does not follow these guidelines will be immediately disqualified.  Any piece that is over 1,000 words will also face automatic disqualification.

All work should fit within the traditions of fabulism, surrealism, or magic realism.  We are not interested in science fiction or high fantasy, and these are unlikely to be selected as winners by the contest judge.

Prizes and Judging Process:

Unlike our Writing Competition, the Fabulist and Fantastic Flash Fiction Contest does not have a set prize.  Instead, the prize is determined based on the number of entries as follows:

First Place Winner receives 50% of net entry fees.

Runner-Up receives 20% of net entry fees.

The contest screeners will select approximately ten to twelve pieces as semi-finalists, which will be forwarded to the guest judge (this year’s judge is once again KRISTEN FIGGINS; you can see her thoughts on what she will be looking for, as well as more details about her, here).  The guest judge will select the winner and runner-up, and will also determine any finalists whose work ought to be published and included in the issue (additionally, the screeners and editor-in-chief may also choose any entries for publication at their discretion).

The entry period for this contest runs from August 15 through November 15, and all entries should be made through our Submittable page.  Good luck!

The Gateway Review Summer Writing Contest

The Gateway Review hosts a Summer Writing Contest for inclusion in its summer issue each year.


Here are the details:

Entry Fee: $8, or $10 to include a copy of the winners issue

Guidelines are identical to the journal’s regular submission requirements: work should be fiction that in some way employs the magical, surreal, or bizarre in an otherwise normal setting (consider writers such as Alissa Nutting, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Manuel Gonzales, Ramona Ausubel, etc., as exemplars).  Entries should be no more than 4,000 words, or they will be disregarded for the competition immediately.  Simultaneous submissions are fine, but those accepted elsewhere must be withdrawn (but entry fees will not be refundable), as winning entries will be published (see below) and we do not accept or award previously published work.  Multiple entries are fine, but each requires its own submission and fee.

Unlike regular submissions, submitted work should not contain any identifiers (that information will be included in the submission information), and we request that no cover letter be included.  Word count, however, should.

Five finalists will be selected, with the following awards given:

1st place: $100, publication, free copy of volume 2, issue 2 (winners issue) and volume 3, issues 1 and 2

2nd place: $30, publication, free copy of volume 2, issue 2 (winners issue) and volume 3, issues 1 and 2

3rd place: $20, publication, free copy of volume 2, issue 2 (winners issue) and volume 3, issues 1 and 2

4th and 5th place: publication, free copy of volume 2, issue 2 (winners issue) and volume 3, issue 1

Entries will be welcome starting January 15, of each year, and must be submitted by 11:59pm CST on March 15.  Finalists will be notified of their status by May 15, with winners announced by June 15.

Work can be submitted via our Submittable page here.